Pareto & Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Owners

Reliability when you need it, cash flow when you don’t.

Looking to add reliability and generate revenue, from the onsite generation that you already have? Our GridLink technology connects distributed power sources to the grid to provide back-up power during outages and/or sell excess electricity. Unlike existing methods, GridLink enables interactions between the grid and distributed generation sources without the need for a black start or for synchronization, both of which significantly lowers risks and costs of implementation. We specialize in retrofitting existing interconnections, which reduces risk, reduces time to completion, and generates new revenues on existing assets for DER owners.
Example Microgrid
Example of a GridLink-enabled microgrid for a university with on-site cogeneration
Sample Business Case for a University with On-site Generation
Before GridLink
After GridLink
Large deferred maintenance for replacing boilers for steam heating and wants a MW-scale CHP system No changes to CHP system or thermal benefits.
Sends (or would be forced to send) power back to substation. Use locally-generated power directly on campus.
Only paid wholesale rates (e.g. 7 cents) for excess power sent back to the utility grid. Able to receive offset retail power rates (e.g. 14 cents).
System often goes down when grid wobbles or goes down. System is always islanded no matter what happens to grid.
At best, can sell excess power at wholesale (or reduce output). Can sell excess at wholesale or to neighbors at retail.
All power to University comes through or synchs to the Utility. All power (local or Utility) comes through GridLink, not synched to Utility.