Pareto & Reforming the Energy Vision (REV)

The New York State Public Service Commission (NYS-PSC) has an energy initiative that transforms the way electricity is distributed and used in New York State. The plan represents a fundamental shift in utility regulation and clears the way to a new phase of energy infrastructure and a more resilient power grid. The grid modernization effort, termed “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV), emphasizes the role of distributed generation as central to the next generation power grid.

The REV calls for utility companies to adopt the role of Distributed System Platform Provider (DSP). As the DSP, the utilities are responsible for connecting their customers' distributed generation to the grid. The challenge remains in providing the tools to make New York's energy vision a reality.

Pareto specializes in the interconnection and economic tools to support the energy transition. Pareto's groundbreaking technology, GridLink, solves the long-standing interconnection challenge surrounding the integration of distributed generation and the grid. Pareto's economic models equitably share the benefits generated by GridLink among microgrid participants and the local utility.

369 MW

Pareto has identified a market potential for its microgrid business model of 369 MWs at ten sites in Brooklyn and Queens.

$555 Million

Pareto has identified CHP project opportunities in Brooklyn-Queens to save ratepayers $555 million in avoided incentives.