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  • Tim Tyler
  • Shalom Flank, PhD.
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  • Steve Oser
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Guy Warner Chairman & CEO

Guy Warner is the founder and CEO of Pareto Energy LTD, a platinum partner of the US Conference of Mayors that designs and finances peer-to-peer energy networks known as microgrids. Trained as a financial economist, Guy worked for 7 years with the Washington National Tax Service of Price Waterhouse, before founding his own company in 1990.

Guy has worked on more than 100 energy and infrastructural planning engagements and provided financial and strategic planning advice to a number of electric and gas utilities in the United States, Europe and South America. He has served as an economic and energy expert before federal courts and state public utility commissions. Since 1995, Guy has concentrated his work on developing new energy efficiency, renewable energy and on-site power projects, working on more than 40 such projects in North, Central and South America.

Finally, Guy has a long history working on climate change projects. He helped found and fund a not-for profit organization that sponsored a year of youth expeditions that were featured at the 1992 United Nations Climate Change Convention in Rio de Janeiro. Guy also served as a financial advisor on bilateral carbon trades that were successfully registered as part of the US State Department’s Joint Implementation initiative.


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John T. TylerCOO

John T. Tyler (Tim) is a founding partner and Director of Pareto Energy, Ltd. and serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO.) He helped found Pareto Energy in 2004 with the goal of introducing microgrids to provide highly reliable, high quality on-site electric power, using the utility grid for back-up power. Tim later realized that the Pareto approach to microgrids could be critical in providing security against a cyber-attack on the utility grid infrastructure and potentially to restore base systems affected by cyber-attack to pre-attack configuration. Additionally, he handles Pareto‘s port related projects, introducing “local power” concepts into the planning and implementation of Port expansion projects, including digital age economic development in Port areas. These projects include on-site power to address Homeland Security issues, maritime infrastructure and cold-ironing to achieve immediate and dramatic emissions reductions. Tim is also involved in introducing Pareto Energy’s EID concepts to the United Kingdom.

Prior to co-founding Pareto, Tim spent over twenty years with the US Government as a senior executive. He served on a White House Task Force and with the US Mission to NATO in Brussels as the senior defense planner; developed unique business structures for extremely large weapons systems sales; and led multi-billion dollar debt restructurings for Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Honduras and other countries. Additionally, he was a partner in BeeTect, which proved that honeybees could be conditioned to detect high explosives. Tim has a BA and MA from Yale University.


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Shalom Flank, PhD. Chief Technology Officer & Microgrid Architect

Shalom Flank, PhD., is Pareto‘s Chief Technology Officer and Microgrid Architect. Dr. Flank manages all technical and engineering aspects of Pareto‘s projects, from initial assessments and conceptual design, through full engineering and implementation. He also oversees the development of Pareto‘s proprietary technologies. Dr. Flank was trained at MIT, where he studied energy engineering, economics, and policy. His research there emphasized the development and deployment of new technologies, and the way diverse audiences understand the risks and rewards of different sources of energy. He has given presentations at national conferences and the MIT Energy Lab on these issues, including public education.

Dr. Flank has been a frequent advisor to commercial companies and public agencies on energy technologies, whether working as an Associate with the Distributed Energy Financial Group or helping the National Science Foundation assess the commercial viability of new photovoltaic and fuel cell technologies. As a business consultant, Dr. Flank has worked with cutting-edge companies commercializing clean energy and energy efficiency technologies, such as utility-scale concentrating solar power (CSP) and new LED lighting technologies. He served for a number of years as a program manager at the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) and as a staff member at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the U.S. House of Representatives, and has held appointments at Harvard and MIT.


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Alan McDonnel Chief Engineer

Alan McDonnell is the Chief Engineer of Pareto Energy and the inventor of its GridLink technology, a major innovation for connecting distributed energy resources to the existing utility grid. GridLink is the foundation of Pareto’s microgrid approach. The technology is currently being developed, tested, and applied at multiple sites in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and the District of Columbia. Alan has worked with leading utility engineers to prove out and refine the GridLink approach, including URS Corporation‘s Washington Group, Connecticut Light & Power, Pepco Holdings, and Pacific Gas & Electric.

Alan‘s industry experience includes work at Altstom‘s Power Conversion Division between 1991 and 2003, where his responsibilities covered Field Service, Commissioning, Applications and Sales Engineering, Industrial Motor Controls, Inverters, Power Conversion Systems, Alternative Energy, and Power Quality Systems. His work at Arrow Speed Controls in Vancouver, BC covered Field Service and Commissioning and Industrial Motor Control and Automation Systems.

Alan holds a Double Diploma of Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Robotics & Automation and Electrical Power & Power Electronics.


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Christopher NiebylskiDirector of Research & Analytics

Christopher Niebylski is the Director of Research and Analytics at Pareto Energy. Chris contributes to Pareto’s data analysis and microgrid design efforts. His proficiency with project finance and performance modeling has driven the design of Pareto’s operational and financial models for microgrid projects, helping determine cost effectiveness and project viability. Models include the detailed technical profiling of equipment, financial analysis of costs, federal and state incentives, and investment return projections. Further, his familiarity with renewable and alternative energy technologies has helped identify the appropriate configuration of energy sources for projects. He has formulated comprehensive energy-use load analyses and design-stage dispatch models for on-site energy systems. He has also performed regulatory policy analysis of state and federal legislation to assess financial and regulatory impacts on specific projects and overall market potential. He has crafted innovative ways of organizing and presenting complex data and technical information to non-technical audiences. Chris has native fluency in Spanish and Portuguese and has an M.A. in International Science and Technology Policy from George Washington University with a focus on Technology and Economic Development, Complexity Theory, and Alternative Energy.


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Steve Oser Director of Development

Steve Oser is the Director of Development of Pareto Energy, the leading firm specializing in the enablement, design, and financing of peer-to-peer energy networks known as microgrids. With a background of over eighteen years in senior treasury and sales positions with a number of domestic and international banks, Steve is primarily involved with the project and corporate financing activities for Pareto itself and for its individual microgrid projects. He is experienced as well in government IT procurement and has a special passion for contributing to the success of entrepreneurial firms involved with breakthrough innovative technologies such as Pareto’s own GridLink interconnection application.

Steve has a BS from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Finance and Entrepreneurship and an MBA from the Stern School of Business of New York University in Finance and International Business. A native of New York City, Steve now lives in Potomac, MD.


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Brian Mehler Director of Communications

Brian Mehler is the Director of Communications of Pareto Energy. He comes to Pareto after working for two years at the Georgetown Center for Business & Public Policy where he assisted in the Center’s research initiatives and conference planning. In 2010 Brian was a visiting fellow at the Center for Trade and Economic Integration in Geneva, Switzerland where he conducted research on international environmental and energy policy frameworks in the United Nations and World Trade Organization. While in Geneva, he also studied at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. Brian holds a B.A. from Villanova University and an M.A. from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology where he focused on the intersections of disruptive technologies and environmental policy.


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Chet Warner Director of Customer Relations

Chet Warner is the Director of Customer Relations of Pareto Energy, LTD, a platinum member of the US Conference of Mayors that designs and finances peer-to-peer energy networks known as microgrids. Selected to participate in the Cities Program, an honors-level, interdisciplinary freshman and sophomore year program at Trinity College’s Center for Urban and Global Studies, Chet studied in the history, English, sociology, art history, and urban studies departments. He developed a keen interest in the intricacies involved with large-scale urban redevelopment projects. During his senior year, he wrote a term paper focusing on the viability and complexity of large-scale urban redevelopment projects that centered on the construction of a stadium or arena. Before coming Pareto, Chet interned in the Team Administration Department at DC United and as a junior intern with the US Conference of Mayors. Chet graduated from St. Albans School in 2007 and received his B.A. in History from Trinity College in May 2011. During his time at Trinity, he was a four-year member of the Varsity Rowing Team.


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Matthew Fairy Director of Sales for New York and New England

Matthew Fairy is the Director of Sales for New York and New England at Pareto Energy. Matthew has over 25 years of experience in technology, both in Information Technology (IT) and in Energy Technology (ET), specifically in renewable energy resources, combined heat and power systems, fuel cells, power storage, and energy management systems places. Additionally, he is unparalleled in his ability to understand in great detail building envelope design and energy efficiency retrofit in both domestic and international implementations.

Prior to coming to Pareto, Matthew was the Vice President of Marketing at Eco Energy Partners, LLC, where he successfully marketed the integration of Combined Heat and power systems and technology. Additionally, he also worked as a President at Pan American Power Solutions, in which he developed a concept to market and finance Combined Heat and Power systems to commercial users. Prior to his cleantech days, Matthew spent over 20 years building mission critical data centers and mainframe computer equipment worldwide. Furthermore, Matthew has designed and built sustainable energy housing, built and flown aircraft, and restored and built cars and antique automobiles. He lives in Weston, CT with his wife and two children in the first home he designed and built.