Pareto & Utilities

Good for the future and for the bottom line.

Whether a utility is looking to position itself for the future as a Distributed System Platform Provider or simply to monetize distributed generation, Pareto can help. Our GridLink platform removes the friction between microgrids and the macrogrid. By using modern power electronics instead of mechanical switches, GridLink at once both simplifies interconnection while providing far superior functionality. Instead of requiring additional protective measures, GridLink has safety measures baked into its design using fundamental electric theories. The result is peace of mind for utilities from management down to line workers. Economically, GridLink-enabled microgrids provide utilities with access to lower cost, nearby power generation in areas of interest at the distribution level, such as areas with high load growth. GridLink can also be installed at the distribution feeder level, offering utilities with a flexible and safe response to address large penetration of renewables. Maybe most importantly, GridLink provides grid services that can be sold in the capacity, ancillary services, and regulation markets, resulting in higher revenues for utilities than comparable T/D infrastructure upgrades.

Utility Approved

Consolidated Edison, Potomac Electric Power Company, and Northeast Utilities have all determined that the GridLink approach safely isolates on-site generation from the grid.