We are creating more resilient, efficient, and affordable energy – one microgrid at a time.
Pareto Energy designs microgrids that empower utility companies to transform their grids into more resilient and adaptive energy networks. Our product is GridLink: a revolutionary platform for connecting distributed energy resources (DER) to the grid with unparalleled control of power flows and support services at less than half the cost of alternatives. With the Pareto approach, utilities supplement their grids with DER in an unprecedented way that adds value to their shareholders, better-serves their customers, and meets the energy goals of their communities. The results are, well, powerful. more
Our GridLink technology improves interconnection and support services between distributed generation sources and the grid, providing utilities with better control, grid protection, and lower cost alternatives to meet electrical and regulatory demands. more
For owners with on-site generation or those looking to insource power, GridLink offers a remarkably simple, utility-approved interconnection solution. Seamless islanding - no black starts. No on-going interconnection applications. Just plug-and-play. more
Combining expertise in policy and economics with innovative technology, we work hand-in-hand with utilities to design microgrids that drastically improve the resiliency, safety, and sustainability of the nation's infrastructure. more