A better way to integrate distributed energy resources and the grid.

GridLink Non-Synchronous Interconnection Platform

Pareto Energy has developed and patented an innovative configuration of off-the-shelf power electronics called GridLink to more than triple microgrid financial returns. GridLink eliminates the disadvantages of interconnecting microgrids with utility-owned electro-mechanical devices by utilizing a non-synchronous, always-islanded approach.

As shown in the graphic above, GridLink utilizes back-to-back AC/DC/AC power conversion technology to safely and affordably integrate on-site generation technologies (both AC and DC sources). Power flows from on-site generation sources through GridLink’s Active Rectifier and is combined on a Common DC Bus. Immediately thereafter, the power is converted back to AC for use on-site or sale upstream to the utility grid and/or wholesale market. The back-end conversion from DC to AC creates a pure power signal, eliminating all power quality issues from on-site generation sources.

Unlike traditional, utility-owned electro-mechanical interconnection platforms that require synchronization with the utility grid, GridLink incorporates a non-synchronous approach that significantly reduces the cost and time required for approval for microgrid interconnections. GridLink’s capability to safely and affordably integrate multiple generation sources allows customers the design flexibility to meet their site’s specific needs. Moreover, the ability to aggregate generation sources behind-the-meter enables upstream sales of real and reactive power services to wholesale energy markets, increasing the return to microgrid owners. Finally, GridLink’s always-islanded approach ensures both seamless integration to the utility grid and increased reliability to ensure continued operations during grid outages.


  • Fault Current Mitigation

    GridLink’s embedded fault mitigation capabilities enable safe and affordable interconnection to the utility grid without the need for additional equipment. GridLink adheres to all applicable IEEE design standards and UL certifications.

  • Fault Ride-Through Capability

    GridLink’s ability to ride-through faults on the utility grid ensures continuous operation and access to lucrative ISO markets for ancillary services

  • No Black Start Required

    GridLink’s non-synchronous power electronics platform is always islanded ensuring continuous operation during grid outages. This results in system reliability that is 5x greater than the alternative of using grid power and diesel backup generation.

  • Improved System Efficiency

    GridLink enables seamless integration of generation sources, including renewables, without the need for additional protection equipment. Additionally, GridLink enables variable speed operation for rotating machinery, increasing the fuel-use efficiency of engines and turbines by up to 20%

  • Simple Design. Lower Cost. Fast Approval.

    GridLink’s non-synchronous power electronics drastically reduce the design complexity and time required to receive interconnection approval at a cost of less than half of synchronous control platforms. Moreover, GridLink does not require lengthy and costly system impact studies that typically plague large microgrid projects. The result is a safer, cheaper and faster microgrid design and approval process.