Our History

Our company operates with a deep appreciation for history, both of the electricity industry and the world around it. We aim to recreate Thomas Edison's original vision of an integrated, decentralized grid architecture. Working hand-in-hand with utility companies, we combine DER with the proven success of off-the-shelf electrical components. To this foundation, we have added thought leadership and some of our own innovation to create our patented GridLink technology. But technology alone is not the solution. Our company name pays homage to a luminary in another field: economics. Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, is known for his concept of efficiency. An opportunity is said to be "Pareto Efficient" if it improves at least one individual without making any other individual worse off in a given set. Our approach surrounding GridLink considers not only the economics but also the policy, legal, and environmental impacts of implementing microgrids. Our intent is to specifically target win-win business model opportunities for policy makers, utilities, rate payers, and the environment. We strive to make GridLink and our associated microgrids Pareto Efficient solutions.