More About Our Team

Pareto Energy’s brain trust of investors, lawyers and engineers funds communities of energy consumers seeking to insource their electric power supply as an alternative to importing power from investor-owned utilities.  With Pareto Energy’s investment of cash, technical and legal expertise, consumers self-organize and manage local area power and heating/cooling networks through the creation of microgrids. Proper organization and management enables simultaneous optimization of microgrid affordability, reliability and environmental sustainability.

Our business model is GridLink, a two-sided platform consisting of a legal framework, power electronics and decision support software to optimize microgrid investments and operations. Unlike other microgrid business models, the GridLink platform confronts utility opposition to microgrids by simultaneously increasing the economic welfare of communities and utility companies. GridLink ensures an equitable sharing of microgrid benefits between microgrid users and utility rate payers and shareholders.

Leadership Team
Guy Warner
Chairman & CEO
Chet Warner
Chief Operating Officer